Request for Discovery

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Welcome to the City Attorney's Office - Prosecution Division. This form will allow you to request discovery for your Municipal Court Case. You may only request discovery for a matter if you are the defendant or the attorney of record on a matter.   Discovery requests will be processed as soon as practicable. Expect delays in your request. Discovery will ONLY be provided in electronic format.

Please Note: The City Attorney's Office does not provide discovery on closed files and discovery will only be provided after your arraignment (first appearance).

FBI and CBI policy on criminal history secondary dissemination:

The discovery you receive may contain criminal history record information obtained through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. State and Federal laws govern the use of criminal history information. Pursuant to FBI and CBI policies, a signature is required from anyone legally entitled to receive such information. Additionally, FBI and CBI policies state that criminal history information is to be used for the purposes of this case only and that the document should be shredded prior to disposal.

Discovery Electronic Delivery

For Private Attorneys and Court Appointed Counsel Only

The City Attorney’s Office – Prosecution Division is now providing electronic discovery through ShareFile. When Private Attorneys and Court Appointment Counsel submit a request for discovery, they will receive an email from ShareFile requesting they setup a user account and advising them that discovery is ready for download.

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