Community Development Action Plan

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Action Plan

The Annual Action Plan (AAP) guides the use of grant funds that the Community Development Division receives for the coming program year. The plan is the result of consulting with various stakeholders, including agencies responsible for carrying out eligible projects and activities, local government representatives, interested community members, and advocacy groups for disadvantaged populations such as the disabled, individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and low-income seniors. The AAP lays out specific strategies that the City and its partners will employ to meet the community's priority needs. 

2022 Annual Action Plan

The infographic below shows the current priorities of the new 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan and how the 2020 Action Plan will support those priorities with the funding we are receiving this year. With the over $5 million in funding we received for our three grant programs, we are committed to helping:

  • Provide owner occupied housing rehabilitation
  • Increase homeownership opportunities
  • Increase affordable rental housing options
  • Provide homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing assistance
  • Provide assistance for street outreach and homeless shelters
  • Provide supportive services for special needs populations
  • Provide vital services for low-income households
  • Expand and improve public infrastructure
  • Improve access to public facilities
  • Provide direct assistance to small businesses

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