COS 150

COS 150

Now the 39th largest and most desirable city to live in the United States, Colorado Springs arose from a humble but meaningful beginning in 1871. Now through July 31, 2021 the Colorado Springs community will embark on a communitywide celebration of our city’s rich history.  

Get Involved!

This will be an inclusive celebration and we want everyone with interest to get involved!  Sign up to volunteer for one of our many committees - from an education committee charged with reaching younger residents, to event planning to create fun and festive celebrations. If you'd like to learn more about Colorado Springs history, peruse the Sesquicentennial reading list!

If you own a business, we need you to join us in this exciting celebration and become an official sponsor of the Colorado Springs Sesquicentennial. 


Check back to this page as we develop more and more ways for you to join the celebration!  There will be numerous events and activites to take part in during the lead up to July 31, 2021. 

A snapshot of our city's history

The sesquicentennial is an opportunity for residents to celebrate the pride and vision of our founder, General William Jackson Palmer, and to learn about our past. It will also be an opportunity for introspection: as we look at the progress of the last century and a half – we are challenged to consider our vision for the future.

- John Suthers, 41st Mayor of Colorado Springs