Another day of 40-50 mph winds on Sunday

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After the wind storm last week, Colorado Springs could see another day of 40-50 mile per hour winds on Sunday.

Property owners are responsible for their own damaged trees, debris and downed trees. A list of resources for private tree and yard debris is available at ColoradoSprings.Gov/WinterWind.

For City trees, (trees incity trees in parks, open spaces, medians, or along trails, sidewalks, or streets) please report down and damaged trees using the GoCOS! app on a mobile device or online at the end of this page. Reporting these issues (instead of calling or tweeting) adds them DIRECTLY to the work system that our crews are working from. Workers can be more efficient and aware of issues as they deploy, which keeps them more efficient/effective/safe which also getting your issues handled more quickly.

Things to look for in determining if a tree is dangerous


broken tree branch stuck in tree

Without getting under the tree, look in the crown of the tree for 

Damaged branches

Branches pointing straight down

Branches still attached but not completely broken free


tree with trunk split vertically

If it's safe to walk under the tree, look for cracks/splits that run parallel to the trunk


large tree with multiple cracks where the trunk splits into branches

Trees that are multi-stemmed are especially prone to splitting damage. Look for splits at the crotch or the "Y" section of the trunk.


large cracks in the dirt surrounding tree trunk

Look for cracks in the soil around the tree, indicating the tree's root system is starting to let go of the soil.


large tree with cracks exposing the inside of the tree.

Look for areas exposing the inside of the wood.

Report online

Go C O S citizen request

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