Marijuana Working Group

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About the Working Group

City officials and community stakeholders have worked to develop a robust regulatory framework that meets the needs of the medical marijuana industry and the community as a whole.

They continue that work through the Marijuana Working Group, which was created by City Council in May 2016 to review and address marijuana-related regulatory issues.

The Working Group meets regularly, and reviews issues as they arise from the various stakeholders represented. Representatives include industry business owners, City officials, City Council members, neighborhood interest representatives, law enforcement, medical professionals, and medical marijuana patient and caregiver representatives.


Meetings and agendas are posted on a regular basis.  The public is welcome to attend.



Policy Highlights


Amendment 20: Colorado voters approve decriminalization of medical marijuana possession and use through constitutional amendment


Medical Marijuana Licensing: Legislation passed to license commercial dispensaries of medical marijuana


City Licensing: Established local fee & application process for medical marijuana business licensing. Resolution 153-11.


Amendment 64: Colorado passed constitutional amendment legalization recreational use of marijuana for adults 21+.


City Retail Ban: Colorado Springs bans retail marijuana establishments


Task Force: City Council established a task force with a six month moratorium on new medical marijuana facilities in Colorado Springs. Ordinance 15-79.

Underage Limits: ordinance passed making it unlawful for any person under 18 to have marijuana paraphernalia items. Ordinance 15-100.


Consumption Clubs: Ordinance passed that set a prohibition on new consumption clubs; set phase out deadline of March 22, 2024 for existing clubs. Ordinance 16-33; Ordinance 16-34.

Marijuana business application fees adjusted. Ordinance 16-35.

Personal cultivation limit for adults over 21 set to 12 plants in a residential unit, with no more than 6 mature at a time. Ordinance 16-52; Ordinance 16-55.

Marijuana Infused Products manufacturers classified in non-hazardous and hazardous land use types to protect public safety. Ordinance 16-53.

Odor & Buffer: Ordinances passed addressing business ventilation and odor requirements; created 1,000’ buffer from drug & alcohol rehab centers, schools and childcare facilities. Ordinance 16-54.

Moratorium & Working Group: 12 month moratorium on processing of any land use approval, or licensing applications for new businesses, or changes of location. Appointed working group to carry on from Task Force. Ordinance 16-57; Resolution 50-16.

Ordinance adding appendix to Fire Prevention Code regulating indoor flora grow operations in residential areas. Ordinance 16-83.


Location & License Cap: Ordinance passed that set location and license cap in Colorado Springs for medical marijuana licenses. Ordinance 17-28.

Gifting – Ordinance passed to make gifting marijuana as remuneration illegal in Colorado Springs. Ordinance 17-29; Ordinance 17-30.

Licensing Fee Increase: Revised and increased fee schedule for medical marijuana business license applications. Resolution 78-17; Resolution 87-17.

Hours of Operation: Amended hours of operation for medical marijuana centers to allow businesses to be open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Ordinance 17-88.


Nonresidential grows – Ordinance passed clarifying language around illegal nonresidential grows and transfer of marijuana.

Marijuana Task Force

The information below is legacy information from the Marijuana Task Force. The task force completed its work in May 2016, when City Council adopted a number of ordinances relating to marijuana regulation.

The task force was created by Ordinance 15-79 in order to: Review, study, develop, evaluate, and review laws and regulations pertaining to marijuana businesses, including but not limited to location and licensing criteria, fees, advertising, and other time, place, manner, and number regulations.  

Marijuana Task Force Members

  • Larry Bagley, Councilmember and Task Force Chair
  • Brian Anderson, Energy Distribution Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Jan Doran, Director Emeritus, Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO)
  • John Harding, John Harding & Company, RE/MAX Real Estate Group
  • Dale Hecht, Green Pharm
  • Charles Houghton, Attorney
  • Lynette Crow-Iverson, Colorado Springs Forward
  • Sarah Johnson, City Clerk
  • Brett Lacey, Fire Marshal
  • Commander Sean Mandel, Colorado Springs Police Department
  • Wynetta Massey, City Attorney
  • Tom Scudder, A Wellness Centers
  • Bret Waters, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Peter Wysocki, Director, Planning and Development

May 2016 City Council 

 Ordinance No. 16-52 amending Section 105 (Additional Standards For Specific Land Uses Allowed In Residential Zones) of Part 1 (Residential Districts) of Article 3 (Land Use Zoning Districts) Of Chapter 7 (Planning, Development And Building) of the Code of the City of Colorado Springs 2001, as amended, pertaining to Personal Cultivation of Marijuana and Medical Marijuana.

Ordinance No. 16-53 amending Section 302 (Definitions Of Use Types) of Part 3 (Land Use Types And Classifications) of Article 2 (Basic Provisions, Definitions And Land Use Types And Classifications) and Sections 203 (Permitted, Conditional And Accessory Uses) and 205 (Additional Standards For Specific Land Uses) of Part 2 (Commercial Districts) of Article 3 (Land Use Zoning Districts) of Chapter 7 (Planning, Development And Building) of the Code of the City of Colorado Springs 2001, as amended, pertaining to Medical Marijuana Facilities

Ordinance No. 16-54 amending Section 205 (Additional Standards For Specific Land Uses) of Part 2 (Commercial Districts) of Article 3 (Land Use Zoning Districts) of Chapter 7 (Planning, Development And Building) of the Code of the City Of Colorado Springs 2001, as amended, pertaining to Medical Marijuana Centers

Ordinance No. 16-55 creating a new Section 210 (Personal Cultivation of Medical Marijuana) of Part 2 (Other Dangerous Weapons and Substances) of Article 7 (Dangerous Weapons and Substances) of Chapter 9 (Public Offenses) of the Code of the City of Colorado Springs 2001, as amended, pertaining to personal cultivation of medical marijuana 

Ordinance No. 16-56 amending Section 107 (Application Investigation; Decision), Section 108 (Suspension or Revocation; Hearings; Decision), and Section 109 (Unlawful Acts) of Part 1 (Medical Marijuana License Code) of Article 2 (Marijuana) of Chapter 2 (Business Licensing, Liquor Regulation and Taxation) of the code of the City of Colorado Springs 2001, as amended, pertaining to Medical Marijuana License Code

March 21, 2016 City Council Presentation - Medical Marijuana Task Force Report

2016 Meetings

All meetings will be held at 10 a.m. in City Hall's Pikes Peak Conference Room, 107 N. Nevada Ave., 80903, and are subject to change based on the Task Force's needs

April 1, 2016

March 14, 2016

Agenda       Draft Minutes 

March 4, 2016

Agenda       Minutes 

February 19, 2016

Agenda       Minutes 

(Added meeting, will take place 3-5PM in City Hall's Pikes Peak Conference Room)

February 26, 2016  Meeting postponed until Friday, March 4, 2016, 1PM in City Hall's Pikes Peak Conference Room

February 12, 2016

January 22, 2016

January 8, 2016

Agenda     Minutes

Meeting Materials:

Tab 7 - City of Colorado Springs Industrial/Commercial Planning Zones Map

Tab 8 - Colorado Revised Statutes, Article XVIII, Section 14: Medical Use of Marijuana for Persons Suffering from Debilitating Medical Conditions, Colorado Constitution


Slides - Residential Grows       

2015 Meetings

December 3, 2015

Agenda     Minutes

Meeting Materials:

Tab 2 - Ordinance No. 15-79 - An ordinance creating a six (6) month moratorium on the processing of any land use approval or licensing application for a new medical marijuana facility or the change of location of a currently operating medical marijuana facility within the city limits

Tab 3 - City Clerk's Medical Marijuana Business License Application

Tab 4 - City of Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana Land Use Regulations

Tab 5 - Colorado Springs Utilities High Usage Electric Service Restoration Policy


Slides - Medical Marijuana Licensing: History, Business Model and the Application Process (Lee McRae, License Enforcement Officer, City Clerk's Office)