Medical Marijuana Business Licensing

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The City of Colorado Springs placed a cap on the number of unique locations for medical marijuana business licenses; additionally, the City is not accepting applications for new medical marijuana centers (i.e. dispensaries). Because of the cap on locations, applications for new medical marijuana optional premises cultivations (OPCs) and medical marijuana-infused product manufacturers (MIPs) may only be accepted if the new license will be located in an existing medical marijuana licensed and appropriately zoned facility with 100 percent common ownership.

For more information on change of location applications, modification of premises applications, and transfer of ownership applications for all medical marijuana license types – or any other questions about medical marijuana business licensing, please visit the City Clerk’s website. For questions regarding planning and zoning issues, please visit the Planning and Development website or contact Land Use Review - 385-5905 |

Submitting an application

As a reminder, medical marijuana businesses must first apply to the City of Colorado Springs, and then submit an application to the State’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Below is a road map for the application process: