State Resources and Glossary

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State Resources

Much of the regulatory and public safety work on marijuana is driven by state priorities set by the legislature and relevant state departments. To stay updated on changes to the business environment for marijuana, check the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division homepage. For updates on medical marijuana patient, caregiver and doctor information, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s page.

You can also search bills related to marijuana in the state legislature on the Colorado General Assembly website.

The constitutional amendments on medical and retail marijuana are linked below:

Colorado Constitution Article XVIII, Section 14 – Medical Use of Marijuana for Persons Suffering from Debilitating Medical Conditions

Colorado Constitution Article XVIII, Section 16 – Personal Use and Regulation of Marijuana

Glossary of Marijuana-Related Terms

The following list of terms is not intended to be comprehensive; it is an introduction to commonly used terms surrounding the use and sale of medical marijuana.

Consumption Club – An establishment, organization, association, club, tea pad, or other similar entity or place where a purpose is to allow the consumption of marijuana, medical marijuana, or marijuana product on the premises. City Code § 2.2.202

Medical Marijuana – Marijuana that is grown, sold or used pursuant to the provisions of the State Code and for a purpose authorized by Colorado Constitution article XVIII, section 14. City Code §2.2.102

Medical Marijuana Center (MMC) – A person licensed pursuant to the State Code and this part to operate a business as described in Colorado Revise Statutes section 12-43.3-402 that sells medical marijuana to registered patients or primary caregivers as defined in Colorado Constitution article XVIII, section 14, but is not a primary caregiver. City Code § 2.2.102

Medical Marijuana Establishment – A licensed medical marijuana center, a medical marijuana infused products manufacturer, a medical marijuana optional premises cultivation operation, or a medical marijuana testing facility. City Code § 2.2.102

Medical Marijuana Infused Product - A product infused with medical marijuana that is intended for use or consumption other than by smoking, including, but not limited to, edible products, ointments, and tinctures. These products, when manufactured or sold by a licensed medical marijuana center or a medical marijuana infused product manufacturer, shall not be considered a food or drug for the purposes of the Colorado Food and Drug Act. City Code § 2.2.10

Medical Marijuana Optional Cultivation Premises – The premises specified in an application for a medical marijuana center license with related growing facilities in Colorado for which the licensee is authorized to grow and cultivate marijuana for a purpose authorized by Colorado Constitution article XVIII, section 14. City Code § 2.2.102

Medical Marijuana Testing Facility – A public or private laboratory licensed and certified to conduct research and analyze medical marijuana, medical marijuana infused products, and medical marijuana concentrate for contaminants and potency as described in CRS 12-43.3-405. City Code § 2.2.102