Marksheffel Widening and Area Improvements

Planning Phase

Current Status

Engineering & Interim Improvements

The City of Colorado Springs is actively working toward the widening of Marksheffel Road, as well as interim area improvements.  

There are many ongoing efforts by the City and development community to provide improvements along Marksheffel Rd. The current extent of the improvements is Vollmer Rd to the north and Drennan Road to the south. Engineering plans for the widening from N Carefree Cir to Dublin Blvd have reached 90 percent completion, and the City plans to begin the widening in 2025, with additional improvements and maintenance occurring now.

The following overview and chart include the many planned improvements, their adjoining timelines, and responsible parties for implementation.


  • The City will be improving the Marksheffel/Dublin intersection in Winter/Spring 2023. Work will include:
    • Better turn lanes
    • Adding north and south through-lanes, just south of the intersection
  • Additional improvements will occur at the Marsksheffel/Barnes intersection Spring 2023
    • Intersection will be constructed to the ultimate configuration to fit the corridor improvements

Project Details & Maps

Detailed Timeline and Responsible Parties

Improvements to Marksheffel Road


ID Description Schedule Cost
1 Future Development and bridge over Cottonwood Creek TBD


2 Marksheffel Rd Improvements- Construct new, divided four-lane section from Vollmer to Sterling Ranch Rd and Sterling Ranch Rd to City Limit.




Marksheffel Rd Improvements – Kenosha Drive to the City Limit




Marksheffel Rd and (New) Intersection Improvements: Two developments on either side of Marksheffel between Woodmen Rd and Dublin Blvd will add auxiliary lanes and new signal, creating a new intersection.

Anticipated Completion
Q2 2023


Marksheffel Rd and Dublin Blvd Interim Intersection Improvements – enhance turn lanes and add north/south through lanes south of the intersection.

 Anticipated Completion
Q2 2023


6 Marksheffel Rd and Barnes Rd Intersection Improvements: Developing an early action construction package for ultimate intersection improvements at Barnes Rd. 

Starts Q2 2023, 
Anticipated Completion
Q1 2024



Marksheffel Rd and N Carefree Cir Signalization: Install traffic signal in the ultimate intersection configuration.




Marksheffel Rd Auxiliary Lane Improvements- Marksheffel Rd left and right turn lanes required at intersections and access points needed to support new development.




Marksheffel Rd and Space Village Ave Signalization




Drennan Intersection Improvements: Temporary traffic signal to be installed. Engineering underway for permanent signal installation and auxiliary lane configuration.

Temporary Signal installed. Completion of Engineering anticipated Q3 2023



Marksheffel Rd Improvements - N Carefree Cir to Dublin Blvd: Advancing engineering plans for ultimate 4-lane divided street sectionA set of standards for how the public right-of-way is divided between sidewalks, bike lanes, travel lanes, and medians..

Q1 2025


Improvements to Dublin Boulevard at Marksheffel Road


This long-planned widening began in 2006 when El Paso County, in conjunction with the City of Colorado Springs, developed a Corridor Preservation Plan for Marksheffel. The Corridor Preservation Plans establishes future roadway improvements, preserves the right-of-way, and establishes expectations for adjacent land uses. Road improvements are completed by either the City, County or developers.

Marksheffel Road Corridor Study


aerial of the Marksheffel and Dublin Rd intersection

Current Marksheffel Rd and Dublin Rd Intersection 


In conjunction with developing plans for the ultimate widening and implementing interim improvements, the City is investigating various funding methods for this project. Current estimated construction costs range from $50M-$60M.

The project will be construction with PPRTA funding, anticipated to be available in early 2025. The City is exploring options to advance construction sooner if possible. For more information on PPRTA, please visit

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