Spirit of the Springs Awards FAQ

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If I do not meet the guidelines are there any other options for recognition? 

The Office of the Mayor offers both letters and certificates of recognition for the following 

  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Retirements
  • Eagle Scout Awards
  • Gold Scout Awards (Girl Scout)
  • Volunteer hours*

You may request a letter or certificate here.

What type of volunteer activities are considered for a Spirit of the Springs Award?

Recipients will receive an award in the volunteer category if they have made a major impact on the community through *volunteer service. For example, starting an initiative that receives state, national, or international recognition.

*The amount of volunteer hours an individual has is not considered for a Spirit of the Springs Award. 

I have received an award in the past will I still be eligible to receive a SOS Award in the future?

Awards typically will not be given to past recipients however if the activity or achievement is unique and extraordinary a nominee may be eligible for a second award.