Military Spouse Career Coalition Organization & Strategy

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The Military Spouse Career Coalition (MSCC) is a collaborative effort of community leaders, employers, and like-minded partners to promote meaningful employment opportunities for Military Spouses. Our vision is to be a model community where employers actively recruit, hire and promote career-minded military spouses for competitive and gainful career opportunities with a genuine understanding and appreciation of the dynamics of the military lifestyle. The MSCC consists of representatives from our major military installations, the Military Affairs Council, community workforce agencies, local and national military non-profits, higher education institutions, and elected officials.

Employers Committee

Would you like to become a Core Employer or join our Employers Committee? Contact Jessica.Kimber@ColoradoSprings.Gov.

Employment Strategic Goal

Drive meaningful Military Spouse employment through employer partner engagement and bestpractices. This strategic objective is achieved through three lines of effort—Build & Grow Military Spouse “Ready, Set, Go” Process; Sustain & Grow Core Employers; and Baseline & Utilize Military Spouse Employment Metrics.

Line of Effort 1: Build and Grow Military Spouse “Ready, Set, Go” Community.

Foundation: Just like transitioning veterans, Military Spouses need preparation, mentorship and networking
to successfully connect with employers. This line of effort is designed to provide Military Spouses the
resources they need for meaningful employment.
  • Ready:
    • Connect Military Spouses with education, volunteer, and certification opportunities.
    • Connect Military Spouses with community partners to assist them to transition into the workforce (Resume & Interview Preparations).
  • Set:
    • Connect Military Spouses with career fairs, networking opportunities & employment resources.
  • Go:
    • Connect Military Spouses with local employers, MSCC Core Employers, and community networking events. Connect with career-specific mentors.

Line of Effort 2: Sustain and Grow MSCC Core Employers

Foundation: Military spouses will experience employment transition with every Permanent Change of Station (PCS) during a military member’s time in service. In many instances, this means foregoing a career, professional advancement, retirement, and savings benefits, as well as the fundamental ability to financially support the needs of their family. This line of effort is designed to alleviate these employment challenges by educating the business community and partnering with Military Spouse-friendly employers.

  • Sustain and grow network of MSCC Core employers dedicated to hiring Military Spouses.
  • Network with business owners to communicate the benefits of hiring Military Spouses.
  • Create, sustain and share a collaborative forum of employer best practices through quarterly roundtables and online resources.
  • Create Core Employer recognition program.

Line of Effort 3: Baseline and Utilize Employment Metrics

Foundation: Without a formal and comprehensive baseline data set, we rely on anecdotal evidence to determine points of intervention and assess performance of Military Spouse employment program goals. This could result in the misappropriation of resources and efforts. This line of effort is designed to deliver baseline employment statistics that will inform all MSCC lines of effort.

  • Create a data-driven process to capture and quantify spouse unemployment rates across the military community in Colorado Springs.
  • Use metrics to determine success in MSCC and community efforts. These metrics will drive strategic communication, community engagement and legislative advocacy.

Communications Committee

Would you like to join our Communications Committee? Contact Jessica.Kimber@ColoradoSprings.Gov.

Communication Strategic Goal:

Spotlight and promote local, state, and national career resources available to military spouses. This strategic objective is achieved through four lines of effort—Build & Grow Online and Social Media Presence; Engage Garrison & Command Touchpoints; Foster Key Community Engagements; and Build & Ensure Consistency of Messaging.

Line of Effort 1: Build and Grow Online and Social Media Presence

Foundation: In order to share resources and promote awareness, we must have a robust online presence. This includes both push media (social media) and pull media (website).

  • Maintain a robust source of resource information through MSCC Website.
  • Develop and promote MSCC App.
  • Promote community resources, Core Employers, and key events through Facebook and Instagram audience.
  • Partner with City Communication Team for media opportunities and press releases.

Line of Effort 2: Engage Garrison and Command Touchpoints

Foundation: Multiple touchpoints within the base and garrison are critical to promoting awareness and sharing resources.This line of effort directs an engagement plan to identify points of contact for programs such as key spouse, transition assistance and spouse employment.

  • Craft and execute an annual engagement plan with Garrison and Command touchpoints to ensure max collaboration of resource dissemination.

Line of Effort 3: Foster Key Community Engagement

Foundation: Outreach with community and like-minded partners is key to grow awareness and promote initiatives. This line of effort captures all engagement off base.

  • Continue to create awareness and build support through community partnerships, including media interviews and podcasts, community information exchanges, and career fairs. Craft and execute an annual engagement plan for local, state, and national military community organizations.

Line of Effort 4: Ensure Consistency of Messaging

Foundation: Uniformity in our narrative is critical to our efforts. This line of efforts ensures delivery of consistent messaging through a streamlined MSCC information product line.

  • Craft and disseminate talking points and briefings for members.
  • Develop and maintain hard copy information trifolds and other printable media.

Legislative Committee

Legislature Strategic Goal:

Track and support legislation and DoD initiatives that influence and affect military spouse employment issues. This strategic objective is achieved through three lines of effort—Monitor and Track Legislative Proposals; Engage Key Decision-Makers & Like-Minded Partners; and Educate & Disseminate Best Practices.

Line of Effort 1: Monitor and Track Legislative Proposals

Foundation: This line of effort ensures we create and grow legislative awareness among stakeholders.

  • Monitor local incentives that support or impact spouse employment landscape.
  • Monitor & track State legislative proposals during the General Assembly.
  • Monitor & track Federal proposals and engagement opportunities.
  • Monitor & track DoD Initiatives and policies.

Line of Effort 2: Engage Key Decision-Makers & Like-Minded Partners

Foundation: We must foster and grow relationships with legislative community and like-minded partners to advocate for Military Spouse employment and related military community issues. This line of effort creates structure to those partnerships.

  • Craft and execute a key stakeholder engagement plan with local, state and federal legislators & like-minded partners.
  • Sustain and grow community partnerships, both military and non-military.
  • Provide subject matter expertise to inform initiatives and programming.

Line of Effort 3: Educate and Disseminate Best Practices

Foundation: This line of efforts directs educating stakeholders and sharing best practices with like-minded partners.

  • Provide policy-based education to Military Spouse community, key partners, and decision-makers.
  • Identify and share best practices.