Bancroft Park Master Plan

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The final action plan was presented at the Parks Advisory Board meeting on May 11, 2017. 
The plan was unanimously approved by the Parks Advisory Board.

Parks Board Presentation  (Large file, may take a moment to load)
Please check this website for future updates.

Public Open House: January 11, 2018

The City hosted a public open house to present design alternatives for several key site amenities for the Bancroft Park enhancements. The public was able to review and comment on alternatives on the proposed restroom building design, site amenities and the small playground.

Open House Documents

Project Overview

The Bancroft Park Action Plan is an organized effort to document the visions and goals of the park, identify the land use and physical improvements to the park, a plan that provides a basis for future funding and a plan that represents the community consensus for improvements to Bancroft Park. The Action Plan seeks to provide park improvements beyond repairing the damaged band shell.

Bancroft Park Action Plan Project Goals

  1. Modify Bancroft Park to fit the existing and historic character of Old Colorado City and be respectful with the neighborhood context
  2. Provide a balance between the protection of the historic elements of the park and surrounding community with the development of the park for public use
  3. Provide for both active and passive recreational needs within the community, to address everyday use as well as special events
  4. Create an Action Plan that is affordable and can be implemented

    Bancroft Park History

    • 1859 – Colorado City established
    • 1873 – Bancroft School occupies current park site. School named in honor of Hubert Howe Bancroft, author of many western history books
    • 1909 – Community meeting held to discuss City buying the school
    • 1917 – Colorado City annexed into Colorado Springs
    • 1926 - Bancroft School closes
    • 1926 – Colorado Springs Parks Department purchases the school and land
    • 1927 – Bancroft Park becomes the official name of the new park
    • 1928 – Bancroft Park beautification program begins 
    • 1929 - Plans for Bancroft Park band shell are publically discussed
    • 1934 – Architect,  Edward L. Blunts begins design of band shell and comfort station
    • 1935  - Construction of the band shell begins
    • 1935 – New band shell dedicated to the community in July
    • 1948 - New concrete pad for square dancing and shuffleboard
    • 1961 – First State Cabin placed in Bancroft Park
    • 1976 – Picnic pavilion dedicated to the community
    • 1982 – Old Colorado City Historic Commercial District listed on the National Register of Historic Places
    • 2017 – Fire destroys the band shell

    Public Process

      Community Meeting #1

      The first community meeting was held on April 5th where attendees had an opportunity to work in groups to discuss the existing conditions of the park, provide their top three priorities for park improvements and define what success means for Bancroft Park.  A copy of the presentation can be found here.

      Community Meeting #2

      The second community meeting was held on April 18th where attendees had an opportunity to work in groups to discuss the proposed alternatives and provide feedback.  A copy of the presentation can be found here.  

      Proposed Bancroft Park Action Plan

      Please take a moment to review the Proposed Bancroft Park Action Plan and complete the latest survey to provide you feedback to the plan. The proposed Bancroft Park Action Plan reflects a refined action plan that was created based on all of the community feedback the Parks Department has received to date.

      The Action Plan goals seek to:

      • Repair and improve the band shell
      • Improve the public restrooms with a new building
      • Improve the park amenities to meet ADA requirements
      • Improve public safety within the park
      • Enhance the neighborhood and special events through park renovations and improvements. Encourage more use of the park
      • Protect and enhance the historic values
      • Create park improvements that are low maintenance and more sustainable

      Thank you for your involvement in the Bancroft Park Action Plan.

      Additional Information on the Proposed Action Plan

      The proposed Bancroft Action Plan shows the improved layout of the park, approved uses, physical locations of the amenities and flow of the Park. The plan is not meant to provide construction details, finishes, and programming of the Park. It is anticipated another community meeting will be held in the summer of 2017 to present specific details and finishes for additional public review and comment.   

      If and when the proposed Bancroft Park Action Plan is approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, the implementation of Action Plan will occur as funding becomes available. It is anticipated the implementation will occur in two phases. Phase 1 will consist of the repair and enhancement of the Bandshell. This phase will likely occur beginning in the month of May, taking several weeks to complete. Repair and construction of the Bandshell will not create any additional impact to 2017 scheduled events in Bancroft. Phase 2 will consist of the remaining park improvements to include the new restroom building, new and enhanced activity plaza, ADA improvements and improved site fixtures. Please note phasing and construction timeline are subject to change without notice.


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