COS Ready 1-2-3: Sign up for Peak Alerts 

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Have you ever evacuated for a fire or other emergency? Have you ever been told to shelter in place, that it was safer to stay where you were instead of leaving?  

How did you hear about these instructions? 

If you heard about these instructions on the news, that’s great. Local news helps carry the message from official government sources when an emergency requires you to take these actions. Local news has an important role to play during an emergency in our community. 

But did you know you can sign up to hear directly from your local government agencies, using the phone that you keep in your pocket all day, every day? 

Local public safety agencies (that’s police, sheriff, fire, and emergency services) use a system called Peak Alerts to directly notify members of our community of dangerous conditions and actions that people should take during an emergency. 

Peak Alerts notifications are targeted geographically, so agencies can narrow the notification to just those who are affected by the emergency situation. 

But it only works if you sign up! Peak Alerts is an opt-in service separate from Amber Alerts and the Weather Warnings that everyone gets. This local notification service works for you only when you sign up and tell us the areas that you care about.  

So sign up for Peak Alerts and get notifications for the locations that work for you—home, work, your favorite aunt’s house--  

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