Management Services Division

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The Management Services Division has a variety of unique and important functions that affect the operation of the Police Department. The sections that make up the Management Services Division are: Records and Identification Section, Police Logistics Support Section, Information Technology Project Management, and the Training Section.

The Records and Identification Section

  • Administers the Department’s Records Management System and Mobile Field Reporting System.
  • Handles all requests for records including offense reports and traffic accident reports.
  • Handles all fingerprinting and photographs of arrestees as well as services for the general public.

Police Logistics Support Section

  • Handles general facilities maintenance on the Department’s 10 fixed structures, consisting of 479,756 feet.
  • Manages, tracks, equips, and transfers over 650 vehicles to include marked police cruisers, unmarked vehicles, and specialized vehicles.
  • Issues and manages all Department supplied police equipment.

Information Technology Project Management

  • Gathers requirements for future technology needs.
  • Plans, schedules, and organizes the implementation of technology projects affecting the Police Department.
  • Manages the CSPD public facing website.

Training Section

  • Plans, administers, and operates the Police Recruit Training Academy.
  • Plans and provides all firearms training and firearms maintenance.
  • Provides In-service training to sworn and civilian department members.

2019 Highlights

On May 22, 2019, the Colorado Springs Police Department Training Academy graduated 45 recruits after a 27 week training academy. The staff at the training academy strives to send recruit officers out into the field that are proficient in a variety of subjects and skills that include: report writing, Constitutional law and Colorado Revised Statutes, verbal communications, firearms, emergency driving, de-escalation, ethics, and a host of other subjects.

In a cooperative effort, the Information Technology Project Management personnel and the Police Logistics Support Section completed approximately 27 technology projects that contributed to the efficiency and success of the department. These projects range from large moves of units from one building to another, to major software application roll-outs, to hardware roll-outs (new mobile data computers and phones). These projects not only take internal coordination, but also coordination with City Information Technology (IT) personnel and outside vendors.